If you have been reading through our website, you have probably noticed that on every page we invite you to schedule your complimentary consultation.

What is a consultation with Kelly Window and Door like?

First of all, it is not pushy.  In-home salesmen have gotten a bad rap for being pushy, one-night closers.  Unfortunately, some salesmen are like this.

But we consider our consultations to be informative meetings more than they are sales calls.  When you meet with us, you are meeting with window and door experts who are able to give you truthful information about how your window and door problems can be solved.  It’s like meeting with a doctor for your house.

We are confident that when we take care of our prospective clients by answering their questions and working to find real solutions for them, the sales will take care of themselves.  The percentage of our consultations that turn into sales is well above industry average – not because we are pushy, but because the families we meet with feel so comfortable and educated that they confidently choose to trust their home to Kelly Window and Door.

You can meet with us in your home or in our showroom.  We recommend starting in your home because that allows us to take measurements and pictures.  We use this information to build a file on your windows and doors that we can reference for pricing, design options, and more.  If you decide you want to meet in our showroom afterwards, we will have complete information on your home at our fingertips as we demonstrate product options.

We use the latest visualization technologies to show you what the exact options you select will look like.  In many cases we are able to show you your new products rendered on your own home.  This visual approach to product design is particularly helpful for front doors, allowing you to design the door visually rather than having to flip through a catalog and imagine what various options might look like.

Our fully-loaded showroom adds an even richer element to the design process, allowing you to touch and feel the actual products that will be installed in your home.

The written prices that we give you during our consultations are actual quotes, not estimates.  This means that the pricing will not change once the project is underway.  This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that you are not going to be paying any more than what was originally quoted.  If you wish to finance your project, we can work with you to get a credit decision within minutes, keeping you from needing to go to the bank and seek financing on your own.

All of these factors combined are what makes a consultation with Kelly Window and Door stand out from the rest.  If you have been in the market for windows or doors for a while, you may have gotten “window weary,” going through the same sales process with contractor after contractor.  Meeting with us is a different kind of experience.  We hope you will give us a call – we’d love to be of service to you!

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